Character creation in The Guild 2: Renaissance allows you to adjust several visual and nonvisual characteristics of your starting dynasty members. This page will cover the important nonvisual characteristics.

Zodiac SignsEdit

Aries - March 21st – April 19th: Constitution +1

Taurus - April 20th – May 20th: Rhetoric +1

Gemini - May 21st – June 21st: Dexterity +1

Cancer - June 22nd – July 22nd: Empathy +1

Leo - July 23rd – August 22nd: Martial art +1

Virgo - August 23rd – September 22nd: Arcane knowledge +1

Libra - September 23rd – October 23rd: Charisma +1

Scorpio - October 24th – November 21st: Stealth +1

Sagittarius - November 22nd – December 21st: Arcane knowledge +1

Capricorn - December 22nd – January 19th: Handicrafts +1

Aquarius - January 20th – February 18th: Bargaining +1

Pisces - February 19th – March 20th: Empathy +1


Each character in The Guild 2: Renaissance can hold only one profession. A character's profession determines what businesses he or she can build and personally work at. Note that if you build a specific business as one character who later dies or leaves the dynasty, you can still control it but not have your character of a different profession work their personally.

The 4 broad profession categories are: